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Thursday, June 10, 2010

List of Young Baloch Men hanged/killed by Iranian Regime in 2004-2010

Execution of political prisoners, especially in occupied Kurdistan and Balochistan, is common in Iran. This morning ,Abdolhamid Rigi, a political prisoner who endured a long period of pressure and torture in Iranian regime’s jails, was hanged in Zahedan prison accused of “moharebeh and instigating corruption on earth. The state-run media published photos of his corps hanging from a noose in an attempt to create an atmosphere of terror and fear among people and especially youths in Baluchistan

List of Young Baloch Men hanged/killed by Iranian Regime in 2004-2010

Place Hanged/Killed Name Date
Qazalhesar prison in Karaj Hanged Ahmad Shahbakhsh 20100608
Qazalhesar prison in Karaj Hanged Sanjar Totazahi 20100608
Qazalhesar prison in Karaj Hanged Baqhi Amini 20100608
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jamshid Mir 20100526
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Rigi 20100524
Balochistan Killed 4 , unkonwn 20100523
Jask Killed Zaman Balouchi 20100522
Nasir Abad Killed Dorra Shahdostzahi 2010-05
Nikshahr Killed 1 , unkonwn 20100509
Prison of Kerman Hanged Abdolnaser Moradzahi 20100419
Prison of Kerman Hanged Nezar Berahui 20100418
Prison of Kerman Hanged Faizullah Berahui 20100418
Prison of Isfahan Hanged Ghader 20100412
Sarawan Killed Three , unkonwn 20100406
Jakigwar/Negor Killed Three , unkonwn 20100406
Balochistan Killed Barkat Zamorani 20100318
Balochistan Killed ?? , Unknown 20100318
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Mohamad Ali Bolaidai 20100227
Iranshahr Killed One , unkonwn 20100224
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Dadelah Rigi Kordi Tamandani 20100221
Iranshahr Killed Eisa Dostkam 20100204
Sarawan Killed Two,unkonwn 20100131
Zahedan Hanged Khodayar Rahmatzahi 201001-?
Prison of Khash Hanged Allahnezar Naroi(Shahbash) 20100120
Iranshahr Killed Moradbakhsh Kadkhodai 20100107
Taybad Killed Four,unkonwn 20100101
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mosa M 20091216
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Haleghdad F 20091216
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ghader R 20091216
Mirjaweh Killed One , unkonwn 20091207
Khash Killed Three , unkonwn 20091114
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolhamid Rigi 20091103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khairmohamad Ozbak 20091028
Balochistan Killed Four, unkonwn 20091022
Sarawan Killed One , unkonwn 20091014
Balochistan/Kerman Killed One , unkonwn 20091003
Taybad Hanged Five , unkonwn 20090929
Balochistan Killed ?? , unknown 20090927
Taybad Killed 9 , unkonwn 20090914
Mirjaweh Killed One , unkonwn 20090913
Mirjaweh Killed One , unkonwn 20090901
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Masoud Ghamshadzahi 20090725
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ayub Rigi 20090725
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Manucher Shahbakhsh 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Hasan Shahuzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolrazaq Rashidi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yaqub Ghamshadzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolbaset Shaihaki 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Edris Noutizahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdoqeyas Didan Naroui 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdosaboor Rakhshan 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Asadullah Wafaee 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolhahaleq Mirbalouchzahi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Tareq Abadiyan 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yahya Rigi 20090714
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khalil Ahmad Rigi 20090714
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20090707
Karaj Hanged Khodabakhsh Rigi 20090704
Karaj Hanged Najibullah Gorgij 20090704
Karaj Hanged Jamshid Haleqdadi 20090704
Qum Hanged Mohamad- Kh 20090701
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Dastgoshadeh Naroi 20090620
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Esmail Qaderi 20090620
Khash Killed Haji Hozoor Bakhsh Shahnawazi 20090608
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Rigi 20090606
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Reza Qalandarzahi 20090606
Zahedan Killed Abdolbasir Mosazahi 20090605
Zahedan-Bam Killed 4 , unknown 20090605
Kerman Hanged 1-5 persons 20090603
Zahedan Killed Saeed Hashomzahi 20090603
Zahedan Killed 10 , unknown 20090531-20090606
Zahedan Hanged Haji Noutizahi 20090508
Zahedan Hanged Qolamrasool Shahuzai 20090508
Zahedan Hanged Zabiullah Naroei 20090508
Khash Killed One , unknown 20090525
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Abdol Qafour - K 20090522
Zabol Killed One , unknown 20090522
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20090515
Hajiabad/Zahedan Killed Allah Nezar Shahbakhsh 20090513
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Reza Qoli - S 20090508
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohammad Mehdi -Kh 20090508
Balochistan Killed 3 , unknown 20090505
Taybad Hanged 8 , unknown 20090502
Khash Hanged Abdolbari Norzahi 20090429
Balochistan/Kerman Killed 4 , unknown 20090420
Zamuran/Balochistan/Pakistan Killed Bibi Moluk 20090414
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Normohamad Ismailzahi 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mojib Rahman Kord 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Babak Kord 20090310
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Joma Khan Hossseini 20090310
On the border/Balochistan Killed 6 , unknown 20090308
Iranshahr Killed Behzad - Sh 20090305
Prison of Zahedan Hanged 1 , unknown 20090303
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Khalil Bahramzahi 20090303
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Salahudin Zardkohi 20090303
Mirjaweh Killed 4 , unknown 20090302
Esfahan Hanged Omid 20090221
Taybad Killed 9 , unknown 20090203
Taybad Killed 10 , unknown 20090131
Taybad Killed 6 , unknown 20090121
Taybad Killed 2 , unknown 200901-?
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Bohadoor Naroi 20090103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jalal Akbar Joma Aloshi(Jalal Shirani) 20090103
Nikshahr Hanged Abdolrahman Balochzahi 20081228
Khash Killed Jalal Rigi 20081225
Zabol Hanged Faiz Ahmad Naroi 20081223
Balochistan Killed One , unkonwn 20081220
Prison of Sarakhs Hanged Mohamad Amin Berahui 20081213
Taybad Killed 4 , unknown 20081210
Prison of Zahedan Hanged P - D 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Hanged M - M 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A - R 20081206
Prison of Zahedan Tortured to death Mohamad Berahui 20081202
Mirjaweh Killed One , unknown 20081202
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A - N 20081129
Prison of Zahedan Hanged H - F 20081129
Taybad Killed 15 , unknown 20081126
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Nohtani 20081124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdullah Dahmardeh 20081124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Berahui 20081124
Mirjaweh Killed 4 , unknown 20081118
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Nazir Ahmad Nasiri 20081110
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Jamali Bolizadeh 20081110
Balochistan Killed 10 , unkbown 20081108
Balochistan Killed 5 , unknown 20081103
Prison of Zahedan Hanged E - M 20081027
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Kh - N 20081027
Jask Killed Shahmorad 200810-?
Iranshahr Killed 2 , unknown 20081026
Rodbar/Kerman Hanged One , unknown 20081022
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Watan - Y 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Salim 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Zahor - Sh 20081021
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Anwar - D 20081021
Zabol Killed Akbar Sancholi 20081016
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Ahmad Wafaee 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Nader Rigi 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Nser Shahbakhsh 20081013
Zahedan /Pir Soran Killed Allah Nezar Kebdani 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shahram Aywani 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ramazan Rafiee 20081013
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Sasan Dogushkani 20081013
Kottgan/Zamuran/Pakistan Killed Mulla Salim Sorkizahi 20081010
Balochistan Killed About 38 ,unknown Last 2 months
Zahedan/Sapid sang Killed Abdullah Shahbakhsh 2008.10.06
Zahedan/Sapid sang Killed Hamid Shahbakhsh 2008.10.06
Nikshahr Killed One , unknown 2008.09.26
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 2008.09.18
Iranshahr Killed Mohamad Hossein Borr 2008.08.24
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Habibullah Pirwali 20080826
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Ali Shahraki 20080826
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mojtaba Mozafari 20080826
Sarbaz/Iranshahr Killed Sharif Sarkoeri 20080824
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Bahram N 20080820
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hassan Sadeqpoor 20080813
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Golmohamad Salehzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Rahim baranzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Lalmohamad Zainadini 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Asadullah Eshaghzahi 20080811
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Yaghub Mehrnehad 20080804
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolnaser Tahri Sadr 20080804
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080804
Zahedan Hanged Hadi Amri son of Hamid 20080729
Tehran-Evin Hanged Abdolreza Shahbakhsh 20080727
Tehran-Evin Hanged Sohrab Kamalzahi 20080727
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080724
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080724
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080721
Iranshahr Killed Three , unknown 20080720
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080719
Zahedan Killed One , unknown 20080708
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Mohamad Zareh 20080706
Balochistan Killed Three,Unknown 20080628
Zahedan Killed Abdosamad Shahbax 20080620
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Alireza Berahui 20080616
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Yunes Rahmandost 20080615
Prison of Chabehar Hanged Mohamad Hussein Noorzai 20080615
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080611
Khash-Paskoh Killed Khodad Shohlibor 20080607
Balochistan Killed 7 unknown 20080601
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mousa Narouei 20080531
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Kabali Cheraghi 20080531
Balochistan Killed 9 unknown 20080527
Balochistan Killed 2 unknown 20080519
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080518
Balochistan Killed Farhad Shanbehzai 20080515
Balochistan Killed 4 unknown 20080515
Balochistan Killed One , unknown 20080426
Balochistan Killed 4 , unknown 20080422
Prison of ESfehan Tortured to death Morad Borokzahi 20080417
Daman Killed Shirbakhsh Sohrabzahi 20080412
Zahedan Disapeared and killed Two girls from Hasshomzahi tribe 20080411
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Abdolqodus Mollazahi 20080409
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Molawi Mohamad Yousuf Sohrabi 20080409
Balochistan/Kerman Killed One , unknown 20080406
Sarbaz Killed One , unknown 20080401
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Three,Unknown 20080330
Pishin Killed Three , unknown 20080328
Zahedan Tortured to death Three women from Rigi tribe 20080323
Khash(Gohar Kouh) Killed Alam Khan Shahbax 20080218
Khash(Gohar Kouh) Killed One , known 20080218
Zahedan/Kerman Killed Ahmad Shahbax 20080216
Kerman/Zahedan Killed One , known 20080212
Sarawan Hanged Mohamad Aslam Mobarakzahi 20080131
Balochistan Killed 14 , unknown 200801
Balochistan Killed Son of Molawi Abdolrahman Chabhari 20080112
Giroft Killed 5 , unknown 20080105
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolghayum Shahgi 20080102
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Babudin Karbalaei 20080102
Balochistan/Kerman Killed Two , unknown 20080102
Zahedan Hanged Mehdi Rigi Jawan 20071231
Zahedan Hanged Naser Hadieh Sasoli 20071231
Balochistan Killed Three , unknown 20071226
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Ezat Sarani 20071226
Prison of Zahedan Hanged 16 , unknown 20071226
Zahedan Killed One unknown 20071224
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Yaqoub Setodeh 20071218
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Khodadad Shahbax 20071217
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamadreza Saleh 20071217
Iranshahr Killed 12, unknown 20071213
Balochistan/Bam Killed Khodadad Naroei 20071204
Qum Hanged Ataullah Polzahi 20071202
Prison of Zahedan Hanged One, unkonwn 20071202
Iranshahr Killed Bakhshok Shohlibor 20071125
Balochistan Killed Three,unknown 20071124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shamsodin Darvakh Gorgij 20071124
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mahmudshah Pashtoon 20071124
Saravan Killed Two ,unkonwn 20071113
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Rostam sepahi 20071115
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Nader Klabali 20071111
Balochistan Killed ??-unknown 20071107
Iranshahr Hanged Abdolmajid A 20071031
Prison of Iranshahr Hanged Ismail Barani Piranwand 20071030
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Joma Gamshadzai 20071030
Jakigwar_Sarbaz Killed One , unknown 20071030
Mahan Hanged Two ,unknown 20071028
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Khashi 3/3/86
Yazd Hanged Three unknown 20071027
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A.M 20071025
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Z.Gh. 20071025
Prison of Zahedan Hanged A.M 20071025
Birjand Hanged Five , unknown 20071022
Birjand Killed Two , unkonwn 20071019
Zahedan Hanged A. 20071016
Iranshahr Hanged Two, "Ostadi" in aftername 20071009
Balochistan Killed Six , unknown 20071002
Dashtyari-Chabhar Killed One , unkonwn 20070929
Mahan Hanged Mohamad Bamari 20070912
Mahan Hanged Omar Bamari 20070912
Zahedan Killed Abdolshakor sh. known as Shakori 20070909
Sarbaz Killed One , unkonwn 20070910
Shiraz Hanged Gazawo Mahmudzahi 20070905
Shiraz Hanged Alireza Berahuei 20070905
Khash-Zahedan Killed Two , unknown 20070904
Mirjaweh_Rek Malek" Killed Morad Gamshadzahi 20070828
Iranshahr Hanged Two , unknown 20070824
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shkrollah Kordi Tamandani 20070821
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Hossein Chobi Ali 20070821
Koh Sepit-Sarawan Killed Two man from Gamshadzahi tribe 20070821
Jakigwar_Chabhar Killed Rezaei Nohani 20070817
Sarbaz Killed Mola Shahbax Derakhshan 20070817
Zahedan Killed Two unknown, 20070809
Zahedan Killed Abdoghani Shahbax 20070809
Zahedan Killed Nasrollah Shahbax 20070809
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Sanaullah Mirbalochzahi 20070808
Pirson of Iranshahr Hanged Abdosamad Kachkosh 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolaziz Esmailzahi 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdoljamal Shahbax 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Aliakbar Shahbax 20070806
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Halim Shahbax 20070801
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Noormohamad Esmailzahi 20070801
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdolmalek Shahbax 20070726
Ewin-Tehran Hanged Sarwar Sarani 20070722
Ewin-Tehran Hanged Hamiullah Totazahi 20070722
Pir Soran-Zahedan Killed Four , unknown 20070720
Zabol Hanged Naeim Molaei 20070720
Zahedan Hanged Golmohamad Kanbarzahi 20070709
Mirjaweh Zahedan Killed-The police fired on their cars 18 , unknown 20070708
Zahedan Killed by unknown people One from Rigi tribe 20070707
Nikshahr Killed Three , unknown 20070703
Balochistan Killed Two ,unkonwn 20070703
Karaj Hanged Two killed 20070613
Zahedan Tortured to death Wahid Mirbalochzahi 23 20070613
Balochistan Killed Two,unkonwn 20070609
Zahedan Killed One , unkonwn 20070607
Zahedan Killed Two,unkonwn 20070604
Birjand Hanged Four,unkonwn 20070528
Zahedan Hanged Saeed Kanbarzahi 17 20070527
Bam-Zahedan Killed One , unkonwn 20070526
Balochistan Killed One , unkonwn 20070526
Iranshahr Hanged A. Kh. 20070521
Sarawan Hanged ‌ Abdolhaqh Askani 20070520
Balochistan Killed Six, unkonwn 20070519
Bandar Abbas Hanged Parviz Jedi 20070516
Bandar Abbas Hanged Abdolrahman 20070516
Zahedan Killed Roya Sarani 12 20070516
Bandar Abbas Hanged One , unkonwn 1386.01.24
Mashad Hanged Fifteen, unkonwn 20070514
Balochistan Killed Two , unkonwn 1386.01.24
Sarbaz Killed Five , unkonwn 2007.05.05
Zahedan Hanged Zaman Bamari 2007.05.01
Balochistan Killed Four,unkonwn 1386.1.6
Nikshahr Killed Three , unkonwn 2007.04.19
Totan Killed by "Mersad" Aziz Dorzadeh 18،04،2007
Totan Killed by "Mersad" Sirus Shirani 21 18,04,2007
Balochistan Killed by "Mersad" Six , unkonwn 17،04،2007
Zahedan Hanged Two , unkonwn 15،03،2007
Zabol Killed Two , unkonwn 14،03،2007
Zahedan Hanged Nazir Shanbehzahi 14،03،2007
Zahedan Hanged Nasroollah Shanbehzahi 19،02،2007
Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Sarir 20070315
Zahedan Hanged Toraj Seyahkamari 22-10-1385
Sarawan Killed Bashir H 20070130
Zahedan Hanged Ali B. 10-01-2007
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Sh. 10-01-2007
Iranshahr Killed Abdolwahed Royan 2006.07
Iranshahr Hanged Khodamorad Lashkarzadeh 2006.06
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Abdol Ali baloch 2006.09
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Shahmohamad Barakzahi 2006.09
Zabol Hanged Gholam Kokan 2006.09
Zahedan Hanged Nader Rigi 2006.09
Prison of Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Shibok 2006.09
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Karimi 2006.09(۸۵/۰۷/۰۶ )
Sarawan Hanged Amanullah 30-01-2006
Rafsenjan Hanged Shahmir A 20061230
Rafsenjan Hanged Gholam A 20061230
Rafsenjan Hanged Noorahmad G 20061230
Zahedan Hanged Pordel D. 25.12.2006
Zahedan Hanged Yusof H. 25,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Shahbax 24,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Changiz Narooei 24,12,2006
Zahedan Hanged Ali Baqheri 24,12,2006
Balochistan Killed Two , unkonwn 24,12,2006
Iranshahr Killed Noormohamad Ahorani 20061106
Zahedan Hanged Abdolmamalek Faqirdadi 20060815
Zahedan Hanged Shidel Shaihakirad 20060815
Zabol Hanged Hamid Reza Saber 20060815
Darzin Hanged Najib Karzahi 200608
Zabol Hanged Mehdi Zahri 20060713
Zabol Hanged Hoshang Keyani 20060713
Zabol Hanged Jalaludin Jamali 20060713
Zabol Hanged Abdol Rahman Safarzahi 20060713
Zahedan Hanged Majid Rigi 20060713
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Poor Shahbax 2004
Dalgan Killed Two , unkonwn 1385.12.7
Sarawan Killed Three,unknown 29,07,1385
Khuramabad Hanged Karimbakhsh Narooei 29,05,1385
Zahedan Hanged Masoud Narooei 01،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdolwaheed 01،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdol Hamid Narooei 09،03،1385
Iranshahr Hanged Ali Arbabi 18،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Abdollah Shahbax 20،03،1385
Pir Souran Killed Eshagh Rigi 24.03.1385
Zahedan Hanged Two , unkonwn 05،08،1385
Zahedan Hanged Saeed 07،08،1385
Iranshahr Killed One , unkonwn 06,1386
Sarawan Killed Gholamreza Rigi 06,1386
Zahedan Hanged Naser 07،04،1385
Dalgan The police exploded their house The members of one family 17،04،1385
Iranshahr Hanged Lalbax Sabki 17،04،1385
Balochistan Killed Qader 30،03،1385
Zahedan Hanged Two , unknown 25,03,1385
Iranshahr Hanged Farshid Bamari , known as Mirzok 2006.07.
Balochistan The police exploded their house Satar Dorazahi 2006
Balochistan The police exploded their house Adam Dorazahi 2006
Balochistan The police exploded their house Dorazahi 2006
Zahedan Hanged Abdoha,id Espandaki 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Ahmad Dahmardeh 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Behzad Narooei 30،10،2006
Zahedan Hanged Kahrazahi 2006
Iranshahr Hanged Mohamad Qayomi 05،11،2006
Iranshahr Hanged Najibollah Qayomi 05،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Behzad 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohamad Amin 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Abdollah 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohsen 06،11،2005
Zahedan Hanged Majeed 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Nader 06،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Hadi Daryakash Narooei 2006
Khash Killed Cherag Gamshahzahi 2006
Zahedan Hanged Azizullah Najariyan 2006
Zahedan Hanged Mohebali Gholamian 2006
Iranshahr Killed Medi Sabaki 22،11،2006
Iranshahr Killed Eisa Sabaki 22،11،2006
Zahedan Hanged Morad Gholi 02،12،2006
Zahedan Hanged Jamshid Shaikhi 02،12،2006
Iranshahr Killed Lalmohamad 20060718
Zahedan Killed Abdollah Notizahi 15 2006.02.01
Zahedan Killed Rohullah Notizahi 16 2006.02.01
Zahedan Killed Masoud Shahbax 18 2006.02.01
Iranshahr Hanged Bamari 20060105
Iranshahr Hanged Hoshang Bamari 2005.08
Iranshahr Killed Yusuf Bayegan
Balochistan Killed Molabax Derakhshan
Iranshahr Hanged Shokat Borhanzahi
Iranshahr Hanged Shahnezar narooei
Iranshahr Hanged Lalbax Borhanzahi
Iranshahr Hanged Shirali Khodayari
Iranshahr Hanged Emambax Damoni
Iranshahr Hanged Hamid Mirbalochzahi
Daman Hanged Nader Azargon
Iranshahr The police exploded their house Reza Qaderi
Lashar Killed Kamran Narooei
Iranshahr Killed Mohamadyosef Roin
Iranshahr Killed Nader Sholibor
Zahedan Hanged Yusof Shahbax 1383
Iranshahr Poisoned Saeed Pahlawani 1383
Iranshahr Killed Mosusa Poranoosh 1383
Iranshahr Poisoned Osman Rahmani Zardkohi 1383


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