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Friday, April 30, 2010

Baloch Community in London condemnation statement against throwing acid on Baloch girls

Leaders and activist of Baloch Community in London strong condemned the pro Taliban Pakistan’s intelligence and their agents for attacking Baloch girls with acids second time in the gap of a week. They said splashing acids on innocent children was against human values and no decent human being can even think of committing such unimaginable crimes. Baloch Community in London was shocked and petrified by such inhuman acts of the state intelligence agencies. They said it was a failed attempt by the state intelligence agencies and their agents to defame the secular movement of Baloch people; it is an attempt to mislead the world about Baloch struggle that the Baloch are committing Taliban style crime.

Baloch Community in London want to inform the world communities and all freeborn people that Pakistan has used all inhuman, brutal and extreme methods to crush Baloch freedom struggle but it failed. Our leaders have been killed, our children have been brutally murdered though aerial bombardment, our activists have been arrested and tortured for crime they did not commit but all such attempts have failed to stop the way of Baloch independence movement for a free, democratic and united Balochistan. Now the defeated and humiliated Pakistani intelligence are resorting to extreme violence against Baloch children as their last but failed endeavour to deter Baloch struggle.

The Baloch Community in London also strongly condemned the Balochistan provincial government for its failure to stop such heinous crime from happening. They said it was obvious that the provincial government of Balochistan is not able to stop the police, FC and Intelligence mafia from committing atrocities in Balochistan. Pakistan’s so called departments to stop crimes and justice institutions are also unable to direct the arrest of such savage criminals and punish them according to law, they alleged.

They said that “we demand from all concerned parties to arrest and punish these elements as they have committed atrocious and inconceivable crimes”. They also stressed on Baloch political parties, students’ Organisations and the Baloch nation as whole to unite and galvanise the Balochistan freedom movement and prepare for the challenges ahead. They said free, democratic, and united Balochistan was the only solution and revenge from the fundamental and extremist establishment of Pakistan for continuous abductions, rape, torture and murder of Baloch men, women and children from past 62 years. The sooner we get rid of these fundamentalist states the safer our secular and democratic society will become. Free Balochistan was the only solution to prevent these crimes from happening, the Baloch Community in London reiterated.

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